Drip Irrigation System

Solar Drip irrigation
sytem is most beneficial
for the farmers of
desert areas.

Solar Water Pumping

using Solar Tubewell
farmer can save upto

Water Filteration Plant

Solar Water Filtration
Plant Donated by Bahria
Town for Arid Area
of Sindh

Solar Pumping Inverters

Best MPPT Solar Pumping
2 Years Warranty

Dry Batteries

250AH 200AH 100 AH

Solar Street Lights

Street Lights for Roads,

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Solar systems

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Solar Systems

  • Solar Tube Well
  • Industrial Solar System
  • Home Solar System
  • Solar Street Light System


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Solar Pumping Inverter

  • Off Grid Inverters
  • On-Grid inverters
  • Hybrid Inverters


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Three phase AC solar pump

  • Submersible Motor Pumps
  • Centrifugal Motor Pumps

PV Panels

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Solar Panel

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Mounting Structure

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Solar Panel Steel Structure

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Dry Batteries

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GSO Batteries

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