About Thaheem International

Chairman Message

Energy crises in Pakistan caused economic fall down since many years. Agricultural, Commercial & Industrial areas showed less production. This all motivated me to establish a solar company in order to provide alternate energy solutions

By the grace of almighty Allah, since started business of solar power, I received encouragement and appreciation from customers for timely accomplishment of projects in effective and efficient manner, which developed customers trust.

I believe! Solar Power System is not only the solution of energy crisis but also reduces operating costs, long-term savings, less maintenance and earning the "Green" Label.

Thaheem International visualizes Green Pakistan, Progressive Pakistan

Who We Are

Thaheem Construction Company established in 1991; it has built its reputation as Pakistan’s top class construction services provider and we set new standards in the market regarding quality & excellence.

Ever growing energy crises in Pakistan motivated us to think about providing alternate energy solutions to the people in all fields then in 2013 we set up a company named Thaheem International which started its operation and providing solar energy solutions at nation-wide level. Alternate energy has tremendous potential as the energy we get from all the world’s reserves of coal, oil and natural gas can be matched by just 20 days’ supply of sunshine. The most wanted attribute of solar power system is: once installed, the energy is FREE. With the increasing power crisis in Pakistan, it has become inevitable to switch from traditional energy resources to solar power. We understand that the industry and agriculture are the keys to prosperity of any country and in such power crisis neither of two can be run smoothly.

In such a short span of time we have completed number of projects and established customer confidence across the country.

We are business partner with multiple high-quality product providers and one of the famous is Jntech Co, Ltd, it retains excellent reputation in providing solar power services to numerous countries including Germany, Spain, Italy, France, UK, USA, Australia and now in Pakistan.

Our strength is our product, design and technical team. Resources with the expertise help us to develop efficient and technical perfect solution/design during different planning, execution stages and finally the commissioning of the integrated system.